Once upon a trip to the Northern Vietnam, we visited a small village on the banks of the Red River by chance, it was like any other villages in the North Delta with a rustic, old and little backward.

But one thing we noticed the most was its very special traditional craftsmanship that had a glorious past for so long. Now there are still a few retaining the job but most of them are lost because they cannot live with the job although they love their traditional heirloom.

ARDELI is a group of young people with a desire to contribute to preserving traditional craftsmanship values, with national pride, creativity and passion for youth, we have created ARDELI BEDDING.

With top value of emotion and quality, our products focus on premium materials such as velvet, natural silk and linen combined with traditional embroidery, threading and threading techniques. It gives you the most comfort when using.

Becomes the key leader in handmade bedding in Vietnam

Provides the best products in terms of usage quality & spiritual value

Introduces the Vietnamese tradition of craftsmanship to worldwide

Keeps heritage of professional handicraft and convey its inspiration to the next generations.

Maintains and develops value to Vietnamese traditional craftsmanship

Creates the best working environment with motivation, creativity and transparency.

Looks forwards to stable development.

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