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The face is 100% Silk
Underlay is 100% natural silk  made in Vietnam.
Refill is synthetic cotton for export.
Technique: Handy embroidery.


160×200/ 2 pillow 50×70: 7.590.000 đ
180×200/ 2 pillow 50×70: 8.800.000 đ
200×220/ 2 pillow 50×70: 9.370.000 đ
220×240/ 2 pillow 50×70: 10.660.000 đ

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BLANKET NURSERY have the advantage and superior quality because silk lining is in direct contact with the skin. It made from 100% natural silk brings the many benefits to the users which are warm, airy, hygroscopic, no itching and safe for health.
Silk fabric is made from natural animal protein, which is similar to human skin (87%), contains many kinds of amino acids needed in the human body, silkworm brings many benefits in terms of health for the users.
+ Improve sleep

+ Maintaining dryness within the blanket, and achieving results in the prevention of rheumatism, rheumatism and skin diseases.

SPECIAL: All products of silkworm are exported, sewn and embroidered by hand from the artisans of embroidery villages.

Weight 1.5 kg


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